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Who is Kry?

Kry's vision is to develop a health service that is more accessible and equal for everyone. Since 2017, they have, among other things, offered doctor's and psychologist's appointments via video with great opening hours. By combining technology and medical expertise, they have made it possible for patients to receive high-quality healthcare, when and where it suits them.

Kry has now opened physical clinics in Vika, Bislett and Smestad (Oslo). Then patients in the Oslo area can choose between digital and physical healthcare according to their wishes and needs.

Kry is currently in 5 markets around Europe and has conducted over 4,000,000 video consultations. Their patients are very satisfied, in Apple AppStore, the app has an average rating of 4.8/5.

The desired outcome of collaboration

When Kry contacted INEVO, they wanted help to grow organically. Kry wanted their website to function as a “meeting generator” by working with SEO and CRO. By optimizing content and other elements on the website, the aim was to increase the number of visitors to and obtain more meetings through organic traffic.

Success criteria

One criterion for success has been the focus on uncovering which content and factors on the website could potentially contribute to obtaining relevant traffic at Kry. The work Jonas, Hannah and Theo have done in continuously optimizing and analyzing content for Kry has contributed to the organic growth doubling over the past 6 months.

Another reason for success has been the close collaboration INEVO has had with Kry. Theo worked from Kry’s own offices, almost as if working in-house there. This secured that the communication in both the Norwegian and global markets worked very well.

SEO - A boost in organic traffic

Kry has worked to create rich content around various diseases they can help patients with. The main idea around these pages has been to provide value for visitors in the form of content such as symptoms, treatment, how Kry can help etc.

Together, INEVO and Kry saw great potential in optimizing articles and content around various symptoms that had caused a number of “meetings” in the past. Here, a strategy and analysis were prepared, to find the content with the greatest potential. We also conducted research and produced new content to rank for several search terms.

After optimizing content within various themes, there has been a large increase in organic traffic. On some articles that were optimized for search engines, we have seen an increase of over 400%.

In addition, the pages about diseases and symptoms have also had a large increase at In the last 6 months, these pages have taken 5% more of the total traffic, at the same time we have seen more video consultations booked through organic traffic.

Along with the focus on the content itself, INEVO has also contributed to the more technical part of SEO together with Kry. This has led to better and cleaner pages for Kry, which also had a positive impact on rankings in the organic search.

The way forward in big growth

Kry is growing fast and INEVO is lucky enough to be part of this innovative health service. INEVO will continue to help with organic growth. We have, together with Kry, set ambitious goals to continue to take market shares.

In addition to helping with SEO, INEVO contributed with several other services at Kry. Among other things, we provided expertise on CRO. The desired outcome here was to understand the purchasing journey of users of the service, to then be able to make data-driven choices to create the best possible user experience.


Through good collaboration with professionals in Kry and INEVO, the desired outcome of growing organically has been a success. Through thorough analysis and preparation, we once again see the importance of working with SEO. Although organic growth has doubled, we see no reason to stop in the near future. Together with Kry, INEVO will continue creating solid growth.

I have had nothing but good experiences using INEVO and it has generated very good organic results for our company. I like the set-up very much as it doesn't feel like you have a hired consultant, but rather a temporary position. I also think it seems like a very good solution that the OMA has good support in the rest of INEVO, who can step in if needed.

Victoria Heskestad, Marketing Lead Norway in Kry

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