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Customer: Ragn-Sells

Who is Ragn-Sells?

A Norwegian nationwide supplier of services related to the collection, transport and recycling of residual products and waste, with strict requirements for environmentally sound waste management.

Knowledge of environmental protection is increasingly prominent, which places new demands on the market's organizations. From being only a transporter, Ragn-Sells has developed into a consultant, concept developer and producer of secondary raw materials.

The desired outcome of cooperation

There are several competitors who are all fighting for the same customers. For Ragn-Sells, it was, therefore, natural to seek help. The desired outcome of the collaboration was a clear strategy for paid search and advertisements on social media, where the aim is to increase visibility and find new potential customers who will use Ragn-Sells' services.

Another desired outcome was to create a recipe for success for paid channels, as well as scaling these to an outcome of a steady flow of new customers.

Success criteria

For the collaboration to function optimally, good communication, planning, presence and ownership of the project are required. During the collaboration, Ragn-Sells and INEVO have held regular meetings about the way forward. INEVO has included Ragn-Sells in the whole process - they always had the opportunity to provide input with this approach.

Clear goals

Without a clear strategy for what to do on social media, your efforts won't work. Earlier we mentioned how important it is to map out what is of importance to the customer. Through a digital workshop, Ragn-Sells gave INEVO guidance on what they found to be important to them in the future, INEVO then made the framework for advertising.

Without planning and knowledge of the market in which Ragn-Sells works, INEVO will not be able to deliver good results. Therefore, we made some clear goals based on what Ragn-Sells wanted to achieve:

  • Exploit the potential of the online store by renting out even more containers to private individuals, housing associations and others.
  • Utilize the B2B potential by converting more companies to waste solutions.
  • Increased visibility of wrecked cars. Get more people to deliver the car for scrapping or order pick-up of a scrapped car.
Testing and scaling campaigns in social media

In social media, the plan was to find a recipe for success that suits Ragn-Sells, a recipe they could use to scale in the long term. This required a lot of testing of different campaigns, segments, images and texts. Below you can get a greater understanding of what we planned concerning advertising for Ragn-Sells:

  • Phase 1: this was about testing the audience, ad variants and manual adjustments where you look at what works and what doesn't.
  • Phase 2: Here it was all about continuing the work, based on what worked in phase 1. We worked on optimizing angles, images and texts etc. Here we scaled the budgets a little to give a bit more pressure.
  • Phase 3: This was about mapping out the best audiences and creating one or two campaigns based on this. By doing this, we have ensured which audiences and angles work and struck stable budgets over time so that there will be a steady flow of income.

The whole purpose of testing with several phases was to find out what would work the best for Ragn-Sells. This way we ended up with an advertising plan that was scalable and not least thoroughly implemented. This way of working has been shown to give reasonable conversions and an increased volume of purchases in the online store. Compared to last year, there is a 15% increase in income from social media.

Advertising in search engines

Ragn-Sells operates in a market where many of the customers don’t have a strong knowledge of the market and which suppliers exist. Before, Ragn-Sells was already very skilled at search engine optimization, but the competition for paid search in the market is high.

INEVO has worked to get the most out of the budget for advertising in Google and Bing. The most important thing we worked on was the localization of advertising messages and finding new keywords with high intent. The work has resulted in an increase in CTR of 36%!

This tells us that the ads and keywords are more relevant.

We are also proud to say that Ragn-Sells had an increase in income of 62% while the costs stayed approximately the same!

Conclusion and feedback from customers

Ragn-Sells has great value in INEVOS work - both in search engines and social media. As of September 2021, Ragn-Sells has already surpassed last year's number of orders in the online store.

We are very satisfied with the collaboration we have with INEVO. During my time at Ragn-Sells, we have collaborated with various agencies, but did not experience any “aha-moments” before we entered into the agreement with INEVO. The systematic methods, not least with short workshops and work meetings are very flexible and effective. That way we always get our own tone of voice, which is important to us. In addition, our contact persons Even and Niclas have a very quick response time to all our inquiries, we feel that we are in very good hands. Beyond this, the great results speak for themselves.

Anders Ellefsen, Marketing Manager at Ragn-Sells.

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