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We believe that strong analyses lay the foundation for good work.

Market and performance analyses are at the core of everything we do in INEVO. Analyses are required both before, during and after most work tasks.

New to analyses?

An analysis is about obtaining information and understanding it. The insight gained from analytical work will help to ensure that the measures that are initiated are beneficial.

The keyword when it comes to analysis is understanding. We want to understand the customers, understand the competitors, understand the result and understand where the potential lies.

In advance

We carry out analyses in advance to create a good plan. The analyses provide insight that can help to set strategic targets and initiate relevant activities. For example - should we run an A/B test?


During the course of a task or campaign, it is smart to carry out an analysis to check if everything is going according to plan.

Should we adjust the budget? Does the website need to be structured differently?


Afterwards, it's about analyzing the result. Have we achieved the goals? What has worked and what hasn't? How can we use this information and understanding in our work further?

Market analysis is about understanding the market, customers and competitors.

Performance analysis is about how your website performs in relation to your competitors.

Why carry out analyses?

Analytics provide valuable insights that make sure you get as much as possible for the marketing dollars you spend.

Both by ensuring that strong measures are initiated to begin with, followed up, evaluated and adjusted along the way, as well as evaluated at the end.

Advantages of good analyses:

  • Less risk - When the measures you implement are based on good analyses, there is less risk of being unsuccessful.
  • Better decision-making basis - Based on analyses, you have more information to take into account, and thus, also a better decision-making basis.
  • Identify growth opportunities - By gaining insight into consumer behaviour and the market situation, you can more easily identify your company's growth opportunities.
  • Finding competitive advantages - By carrying out analyses, you can find what your competitive advantages are, or possibly which areas have the potential to become so.
  • Reveal weaknesses - Analyses can also reveal weaknesses in your operations, campaigns or channels. This gives you the opportunity to correct these weaknesses to avoid them damaging the company.


We at INEVO are interested in strong analytical processes. It is important to us that the work we deliver is of high quality, and analyses are thus an important part of our deliveries.

Our analytical work includes measurement and reporting, A/B testing, user testing, etc.

We have broad expertise in several different types of analysis, as well as tools. Both to ensure quality in our work - and to give you the best suggestions for the future.

The tools we use include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz Pro, Hotjar and Visual Website Optimizer. These are well-recognized and quality-rich tools we use to carry out analyses, and tests to measure the quality of the websites we work with.

These are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Market analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Hygiene check - SEO (the technical part of your website)
  • CRO analysis
  • User testing
  • Surveys
  • Heuristic evaluation

Finally, we provide an action list and deliver suggestions for improvement points based on these analyses.

Your OMA

It is our specialists in our expert marketing team that carries out the larger analyzes you need. At the same time, it is important to us that all our operational marketing assistants (OMA) are analytically skilled.

An OMA is physically present at your workplace 1-3 times a week and helps you with what you need within marketing. When the OMA is present at your workplace 1-3 days a week, they gain a unique insight and relationship with you and your brand.

Your OMA will regularly carry out simpler analyses of the market and competitive situation, as well as their own campaigns, to ensure that the measures they initiate are the most valuable for your company.

Does it sound like the perfect solution for you? Then you can read more about the OMA model here!

Get started!

Do you want a website adapted to the current market situation? Do you want to understand your customers and get a better decision-making basis? Contact us! We help you strengthen your digital presence.