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OKR goal management

Have you ever wondered how successful companies manage to navigate and grow in a constantly changing landscape?

The fact is that most successful businesses use the same system! However, many companies today have never heard of it before. The system is called OKR.

What is OKR?

OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a simple goal-setting framework that is used to set high goals, ensure continuous progress and keep the focus on the most important activities at all times.

OKR helps to improve internal communication in companies - by making everyone's goals available to everyone else in the company. It does not replace good management and company culture - but if you have the foundations in place, OKR will lift the company to the next level - every time.

Quite simply, you can say that OKR is about answering two basic questions at all levels of the organization every quarter:

Objective: What do you want to achieve?

Key results: How do you intend to get there?

The objective is the direction. The key results are how to get there.

By answering these two questions every quarter, you force clear priorities and the right focus in the company. When all employees answer the questions and make their goals visible to everyone else in the organisation, a social and transparent contract is formed between employees. A social contract that links personal goals with company goals.

How can INEVO help you with goal management?

We know that change is difficult. We have the expertise to help you.

INEVO has expertise in organizational development and change. We can help you introduce OKR to your company!

Our process is as follows:

  • Initial conversation - you give us an insight into your organisation/team
  • Internal anchoring - we help you introduce OKR internally
  • OKR follow-up - we support you in the process of introducing OKR internally

Get started!

Do you want your company to become one of the successful companies that manage to navigate and grow in a constantly changing landscape?