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I first worked with Charlotte Blicher in 2013 at SuperOffice.

We again collaborated in 2015 when she worked at Simcorp.

The Digizuite content strategy was shortlisted for European Search Awards 2023.

As CMO at Digizuite, she reached out to me as they were looking to invest in content and SEO.

12 months later, we:

  • Increased monthly organic search traffic by 35%
  • Grew the Digizuite blog from 22,000 visits to 100,000 visits
  • Tripled the number of organic search demo sign ups on the website

Implementing this strategy had a direct impact on Luxion’s acquisition of Digizuite in August 2023 for $44 million.

What is Digizuite and what does it do?

Digizuite is a Digital Asset Management platform provider based in Denmark. Digizuite helps enterprise companies manage thousands of images, easily - through integrations, automation and workflows.

Companies like Volvo, M/I Homes and CommScope use Digizuite to manage digital assets more efficiently.

In September 2021, Charlotte and I talked about Digizuite’s biggest challenges heading into 2022. From a marketing perspective, they were:

  • Increase demo sign ups on the website
  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Increase traffic to the Digizuite blog

At the time, they were generating:

  • 15 demo leads per month
  • Generating 1,400 visits from organic search
  • Getting 2,400 visits per month to their blog

Content and SEO Strategy for Digizuite

We created a unique strategy for Digizuite - one that didn’t focus only on keywords and search volume. Here’s the 3 things we did to increase traffic and demo sign ups.

1. Consistent messaging
2. Buyer-centric content
3. Topical relevance

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

1. Deliver consistent messaging

You ever create content for sales teams, but find out they never use it?

Yeah. Me, too.

How did we change it?

We created content based on the corporate sales deck they use to pitch new clients.

This sales deck had 30 slides sharing where the industry is, where it’s heading, challenges, solutions and benefits. We took that content and turned it into content for the web. Each slide became its own piece of content.

When a buyer asks for more information after they’ve been pitched, sales teams can now link to dozens of relevant articles on the website.

“INEVO are dedicated and proactive, they bring expertise and are always two steps ahead. INEVO executes like hell.” Charlotte Blicher, CMO at Digizuite

Here’s a few examples of content that we created from the sales deck:

These pieces quickly helped us increase the number of keywords the website ranked for and  achieve top rankings for important keywords.

2. Produce buyer-centric content

You can use surveys, pop-ups, feedback forms - you name it.

My favorite way to capture buyer feedback?

Add “What is your biggest challenge with (category)?” to high intent forms on the website, as shown below on the Digizuite demo form.

(This is great input for sales teams to get before they follow up).

We’ve used the feedback from the forms to create more than 30 pieces of content.

Here’s how valuable this feedback is:

Using feedback collected from the form, we found that 1 in 4 buyers shared they had a problem finding and sharing digital assets.

Do you know how many times this challenge was referenced on the Digizuite website?

Once. In one paragraph that, according to heatmap analytics, gets very little engagement.

Not anymore.

We’ve created tons of content around that specific challenge and how the product solves it)

Here’s a few examples of content we created based on buyer input:

“In my experience it is much more efficient to hire external writers than internal writers.”

These articles have helped us increase organic search traffic by 35% when we compare the last 6 months of the year with the first 6 months of 2022.

3. Create topical authority

We had content based on the corporate sales deck and we had content based on buyer input from the forms.

Next, we built topical authority.

We created 10 articles based around category keywords.

For example, we created content on:

Once the content was live, we focused on link-building.

Through guest posting, we built 2-3 backlinks to each article in this stage of the strategy using specific anchors around the category. Since then, links have been acquired organically helping boost topic relevance over the long term - doubling the number of backlinks in less than 12 months.


Digizuite are very happy with the work and the collaboration with INEVO.

“INEVO feels like an extension of our team. They blend in with our existing process from strategy, creation, ideation and execution. INEVO has a sense of accountability and urgency, which means things get done!”

Together in 2022, we were able to:

  • Increase organic search traffic
  • Generate more demo sign ups than ever before
  • Use content to position Digizuite as a thought leader in their industry

But we’re not done yet!

While we achieved a lot in the space of 12 months, in 2023 we plan to produce more content, improve organic conversion rates and generate more demo sign ups.

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