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Through data-driven marketing and our unique collaboration model, we've helped companies achieve their growth ambitions in digital marketing since 2013. We do this by matching a subject matter expert (OMA) with your company.

Operative Marketing Assistants

  • Solving the consultant-challenges

  • No hiring needed

  • Team of experts available

Operational Marketing Assistants (OMA) are the core of our collaboration model - the OMA-model. With this model, we match one of our OMAs with your company, based on their expertise and your needs. With an OMA, you get the help you need faster and cheaper than when you hire somebody. The model offers unique flexibility, where the competence is adapted to your needs, even when the needs change!

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How we help you



Our OMAs work operationally with marketing to help you reach your goals! An expert in marketing, who also knows your brand, company and the people in it. Through the OMA-model, you get not only a marketer but also an entire team of experts to back you up!



Our experts possess unique expertise in their field - both strategically and operationally. In this way, they tackle complex issues and contribute valuable insights you only find in someone at the top of their field.



If you have a large project, or need more than an OMA, then we have the solution. With a team from INEVO, you get 4 people to help you reach your goals. A team covers a broader area of ​​expertise and has greater capacity than an OMA alone.

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