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Did you know that 75% of consumers base assumptions about a company's credibility on the basis of their website?

INEVO has a broad internal environment of experts within marketing and a skilled design and development team. With all our experience behind us, we have now created a framework for you who need new websites.

The solution is suitable for those who want fast websites, satisfied users and receive more value from your marketing activities. Doesn't that sound good?

What are INEVO Marketing Pages?

INEVO marketing pages is our website solution for you.

Based on your needs, we tailor a design that suits both you and your customers.

This is a well-proven solution that ensures that you have lightning-fast websites with modern, stable and secure source code.

We take universal design, user experience and Google Core Web Vitals seriously. With INEVO Marketing Pages, this is taken care of from the start. We make sure that you are visible to your customers, and that you can focus on what is important to your core business.

Safety is also a priority for us. With this solution, you don't have to worry. The pages are stable and secure. We can also include security routines for any cyber attacks against your company. Routines can also be set up for notification if the websites should become slow or go down for periods of time.

Why invest in INEVO Marketing Pages?

The site is made for visibility and marketing: Our solutions are made with marketing in mind. As a general manager or marketer, there are many factors to consider. In Marketing Pages, content is already prepared for good technical search engine optimization (SEO) from day one. Within a few keystrokes, you can also publish enriched content that Google can pick up (structured data/rich snippets).

Meets Google's requirements for Core Web Vitals: The requirements for a full-fledged website have become greater over the years. Google has launched Core Web Vitals, which are vital factors that should be able to say something about whether the website is user-friendly or not. When you get a page on INEVO Marketing Pages, this is taken into account.

Lightning-fast websites - satisfied users shop more: Fast websites have never been more important; Search engines have page speed as a ranking factor. With us, you get lightning-fast websites that both users and search engines can be satisfied with. Did you know that a high page speed can lead to a higher conversion rate?

Design tailored for you: When you choose Marketing Pages with us, you always get a tailored design. A good website represents your brand - style and design should match. With us, you get a unique design developed by our user experience team. Did you know that users experience aesthetically pleasing design as easier to use?

We take accessibility and universal design seriously: With us, accessibility and universal design are taken seriously. We want everyone to be able to use our solutions regardless of disability or obstacle. Not only is it required by law for private businesses, but it's also good business to let anyone be able to use your website.

Did you know that 18% of the population has a disability?

Communicate to multiple markets: Communicate across national borders with multilingualism. Reach out to new users and markets with the possibility of using multiple languages.

Marketing Pages is not just a website, but a digital online platform where the whole is in focus: design, development, marketing and business.

The result is a comprehensive solution that takes today's digital requirements seriously. A holistic experience with high page speed, good user experience, great design, universal design and with a focus on visibility in all channels.

Are you ready to be taken seriously in the digital era?

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