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An OMA gives you the help you need, faster

The OMA-model

There are many challenges associated with digital marketing for companies. Competence and capacity are among the regulars. Our OMA model efficiently solves these challenges with your needs in focus.

What is an OMA?

OMA is short for “Operational Marketing Assistant”. Simply explained, an OMA is connected to a customer, where they spend 1-3 days a week and performs marketing work. The rest of the working time they spend at INEVOs office and benefit from taking part in our environment of experts.

INEVO developed the OMA model after identifying these needs in companies:

  • Need operational assistance in planning, prioritizing, executing and analyzing marketing activities.

  • Is looking for someone with both creative and analytical skills.

  • Want someone with good knowledge of the company.

  • Must have solid knowledge in various branches of digital marketing.

What we identified was that most companies wanted the same thing, without being met with a suitable solution.

For many, the answer became to hire a consultant with knowledge of the field.

What's the challenge with that? The consultant does not know the brand, the company or the people in it.

If you ask us, these are critical points for the success of digital marketing.

Your benefits

There are several benefits you can enjoy by getting an OMA for your business. We have gathered the most important ones here:

  • 01

    Solving the consultant-challenges

    An OMA addresses the same tasks you would give a consultant - without the same challenges. By being present at your workplace, the OMA quickly becomes familiar with their brand, while simultaneously gaining deep knowledge of their company and the people within it. In combination with OMA's broad expertise in the field of marketing, they become a valuable resource for your company.

  • 02

    Team of marketing experts

    When you hire an OMA, you also get access to knowledge, experts and insights from the entire INEVO marketing team. The time your OMA spends in INEVO's offices, they use to spar with like-minded people and get professional input. In our internal environment, we strive to always keep up with digital development.

  • 03

    Knowledge sharing

    Because our OMAs are physically present at your company, they also take part in the tacit knowledge sharing that takes place in any workplace. The tacit knowledge has been shown to improve the overall understanding of the company, its vision and goals. This provides an increased basis for success.

  • 04

    No hiring needed

    Hiring someone is both expensive and time-consuming. It will be even more expensive if time shows that the new employee was a bad match. You save both time and money when you are directly connected with an OMA that suits your company and industry. You have the OMA just as long as you need assistance. This way, you get started right away. The model is flexible and tailored to your needs, even when the need changes. For example, an OMA can be a good alternative to a temporary position. It is as easy as it gets!