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Positioning, branding and new websites for international expansion!

Customer: Reprice /

Vertical: International expansion

Goal: Building a credible brand and website to generate international awareness

Result: Positioning, branding, and customized design and development from scratch using Sanity and Next.js:

We are proud to have launched with a new positioning and branding in close collaboration with Reprice.

Who is Reprice?

Reprice is a Norwegian price optimization tool that helps you take control of your pricing strategy.

The tool allows you to automate the prices of your online store and increase your margins, enabling you to implement a more competitive and profitable pricing strategy.

This is the key to success in today's fast-paced e-commerce industry.

Reprice now has ambitions to expand internationally and, therefore, reached out to us some time ago to revamp both their website and branding.

“When we were looking for a collaborator, it was important to find a partner who understood SaaS and e-commerce, which INEVO proved to have full control over. With strong expertise across departments, they have delivered an excellent result and given us a solid foundation for the internationalization of Reprice.” ROBIN FRUGAARD JØRGENSEN, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER

INEVO took care of everything related to branding, positioning, logo, and website development in Sanity, as well as content on the website.

This rebranding is not only a visual change but also a statement of their international expansion, which will make them well-equipped for their future plans.

The Journey

Anders Åberg, the founder of Reprice, left his full-time job to dedicate 100% of his efforts to Reprice. Anders reached out to INEVO in the spring of 2020.

Since 2020, INEVO has contributed to making Reprice a success story. We have been there to support him almost from the moment he took the leap from a secure job to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. Today, Reprice has three full-time employees and over 20 clients, including many INEVO clients.

The first thing we did was set up a simple Norwegian WordPress website to communicate the message about Reprice. We also conducted Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

In the spring of 2023, INEVO organized E-handelsdagen 2023 (E-commerce Day 2023). The conference's theme was pricing, and Reprice was one of the sponsors. We gathered 260 individuals from various companies for a full day focused on pricing.

Success Factors

INEVO was met with a highly receptive management team that placed a great deal of trust in us right from the start. This laid the foundation for a strong collaboration between Reprice and INEVO's content, design, and development teams.

The positioning and branding of Reprice began with conducting interviews with both the company's employees and customers. This was done to establish what sets Reprice apart from competitors and how others perceive the uniqueness of the product.

Finding the right approach is extremely important to succeed internationally in an industry with numerous competing solutions.

Next, we moved on to the logo and branding. There were many thoughts, ideas, and revisions before we finally arrived at the right logo. The most important aspect for Reprice was to have something better than what they had before and something that could be used for many years to come.

We worked to create something that stood out from competitors, something unique, original, and distinctive. At the same time, we wanted to build upon what they already had.

We believe that we have successfully delivered on this.

The concept, which is Lorem Ipsum's worst enemy, involved tailoring the design to fit the content, rather than the other way around. This streamlined the design process and eliminated the need for extensive and time-consuming revisions.

The flexibility of a CMS like Sanity allowed us to customize the system according to the client's needs and helped us deliver a great user experience when it came to updating content.


INEVO delivered a significant and effective positioning and branding strategy that sets Reprice apart strongly from its competitors.

We couldn't have achieved this without close collaboration with Reprice, frequent meetings, and good communication. The result is a fast and well-executed website that provides flexibility for the client.

We look forward to continuing our journey together, assisting with Google Ads, content, and design.

Check out Reprice's website here.

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