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Content marketing

"Content is king" Bill Gates said in 1996. That has never been more true than it is today. Find out why your company should invest in content marketing here!

Our content team has extensive experience in producing content that creates results. We make the content - you get stronger customer relationships and increased website traffic.

New to content marketing?

Content marketing is, as the name suggests, marketing and content. More specifically, the production and distribution of content. It is an important subcategory of digital marketing.

What are you going to publish on different digital platforms? And how can it provide any kind of value? Effect? Profit?

As in traditional marketing, it is about presenting a strategy that will increase engagement among your customers. However, content marketing takes it one step further.

The goal of this marketing type is to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. And it is precisely these long-term relationships that can be of great benefit to your company. Whether it's through increased sales or higher brand awareness.

Why invest in content marketing?

70% of us would much rather obtain information about a company through a good blog post than from a typical ad we find on Google.

Social media is another area that requires heaps of content - all the time. 80% of Norwegians aged between 16 and 79 are active on social media, according to Statistics Norway.

The numbers speak for themselves. Content marketing is more than a trend in the ever-changing digital marketing world. Content marketing is the new standard for communication and influence.

If you want to reach your target audience, you also have to produce content they want to see and engage with - we can help you with that.


At INEVO, we focus on creating content that generates the results you seek.

We have a skilled content team that produces strong articles that help you rank in search engines - for keywords that are both relevant and with high search volumes.

We have extensive experience with content production that drives traffic and creates visibility. Win with the search engines and customers at the same time!

Through interesting articles, adapted to your target group and your needs, we help you to position yourself digitally.

Our experts provide you with a great advantage when you choose us to take your digital presence to new heights!


Here are a few examples of companies we’ve worked with and their content marketing results:

  • LeadSquared: We helped LeadSquared triple organic search traffic within 90 days (full case study here)
  • Digizuite: We’ve helped the Digizuite blog grow from 8,000 visits in 2021 to 37,000 visits in 2022
  • SuperOffice: Through a combination of new content and updating existing content, we’ve helped SuperOffice generate an additional 4,700 visits in 2022

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