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User Testing

How do you make sure your website is actually good? The answer is user testing.

User testing is essential to be able to develop a strong and user-friendly digital product, service or website.

With user testing, the user experience is at the centre. How do users navigate your solution? What thoughts and feelings are they left with? And are there points of friction that we need to resolve?

New to user testing?

User testing is mainly about surveying, investigating and understanding. Everything with the user's journey in focus. The aim is to make decisions based on insight rather than assumptions.

There are various methods for carrying out user testing - but the common denominator is to obtain data about the experience the users have, identify points of friction and areas of opportunity and then - take action.

Why is user testing important?

When you carry out user testing, you make sure that the best possible solution is also the one that sees the light of day.

Navigating a website should not be frustrating or confusing - if users have a bad experience with your company online, the likelihood is that they will also get a bad impression of your company otherwise. This is one of the dangers we can avoid by working with user testing.

The biggest benefits:

We find out if your site actually works

Identifying usability errors should always be a priority for a serious business. How, for example, should a product page on your online shopping site be designed to make the purchase as problem-free as possible? It doesn't help to spend loads of money on marketing if the users are unable to complete the checkout.

Collects valuable qualitative data

It's easy to get tunnel vision when you work on something by yourself all day. This is where user testing can be golden. Not only do you get an outside view, but you get qualitative insight directly from your users. Thus, user testing can help you stay competitive in your industry.

You can test at any time

A UX process is rarely linear. Therefore, a user test can be carried out on a product that has existed for years, but also on something that is only an idea and sketched out by hand. There are thousands of parameters one can choose to test. The point is to set a goal you want to achieve with testing and research, and then test what contributes to reaching that goal.


We tailor to your needs. Our design and UX department relies on experience and competence to help you achieve your goals.

When we get to know you and your wishes, we can decide which methods and tools are worth using for your company specifically.

You want to achieve as neutral and unbiased results as possible in order to be able to make great decisions about how to improve a product. Let us help you make decisions that matter!

Measures adapted to users are measures that create value.

Get started!

Do you want a solution that your users will love? The first step is user testing - have a chat with us today.