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Customer: Genetic Analysis /

Vertical: Sales website with a focus on lead generation

Objective: Build and launch a successful website that will generate leads globally

Results: Custom design and development from scratch using Sanity and Next.js:

We are proud to have launched in collaboration with Genetic Analysis. The good cooperation, along with the efforts from all parties involved, allowed us to stay within the schedule and launch one day ahead of the planned date.

Who is Genetic Analysis, and what is GA-map?

GA-map is a gut microbiota test developed by the diagnostic company Genetic Analysis. The test can provide information about various bacteria in the gut microbiota and can detect imbalances or diseases in the stomach and intestines, such as IBS and IBD. This test is sold to researchers and laboratories to assist in research and diagnosis.

When Genetic Analysis approached INEVO, they wanted an international sales website for their product that would also showcase their presence as a global company. The result of the collaboration was, which aims to highlight the product's benefits and features while building brand authority.

By combining our experience in both marketing and technology, we were able to tailor the solution to make future marketing more efficient.


The main challenge of the project was that Genetic Analysis wanted to reach two target audiences: laboratories and researchers.

At the same time, we aimed to build both brand recognition and authority in both fields.

Furthermore, it was challenging not to speak the same technical language as the client, which many consultants can relate to. We had to delve into a complex field while also leveraging the client's expertise and knowledge of the target audience.

For many of the client's team members, our field of expertise was relatively new, so we needed to communicate in clear and concise Norwegian with minimal technological jargon.

On the priority list was also addressing potential questions from visitors, such as how the product works, the process, storage, costs, the result report, and why GA-map is better than competitors.

Last but not least, the goal was to deliver on time and, of course, satisfy both the company's and user's objectives.

Success factors

We focused on a structured approach, which means that we always had a plan and goals for each phase. We set clear and specific OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), agreed upon a time frame, and established a roadmap early on.

If anything impeded reaching the planned milestones, it was communicated clearly to the relevant parties.

Roadmaps, planning, and OKRs also helped maintain momentum and efficiency in the weekly meetings.

“INEVO's team guided us through the entire website development process in a very professional manner, with excellent communication, guidance, and helpful suggestions. I am extremely impressed with Katarina's and Simon's ability to immerse themselves in a new industry and an unfamiliar product, as well as their understanding of our desires and needs to create an excellent outcome.” ZUZANNA GULCZYNSKA, GENETIC ANALYSIS

Furthermore, all the work was well distributed — no one left a meeting without knowing who would contribute or what they would contribute.

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