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Within digital marketing, SEO is widely discussed. This is with good reason. On Google alone, 5.6 billion searches are made per day worldwide. The top 5 organic hits on Google's first page get a whopping 68% of the clicks.

When we help you with search engine optimization, we help you become visible to your customers in search engines. Our SEO operators work long-term to improve your placements.

Nominated for best SEO company at the European Search Awards 2023

New to SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

In short, SEO is about optimizing your website, and its content, to achieve better rankings in search engines - such as Google and Bing.

What is the goal of your website?

Perhaps the answer is to increase sales? Or get customers to contact you or subscribe to newsletters? Whatever your goal is - visibility and traffic are required before you can get the conversions you want.

This is what SEO is all about - you have to be visible in search engines so you can get traffic, which in turn can contribute to conversions.

Why invest in SEO?

Most of us use search engines such as Google several times a day and it is no coincidence that obtaining information online is synonymous with the expression "to google".

We have listed some of the most important reasons why you should invest in SEO:

Customers are on Google - Your potential customers are on Google - and they are looking for you! The vast majority of people start their customer journey on Google or other search engines when they have a need or problem they want to solve. In fact, as much as 74% of all purchases in Norway today start with the customer making an online search.

Your company becomes visible when potential customers are looking for someone like you!

Rankings affect traffic and searches - It is not enough just to be visible in the search engines, you also have to work for a good ranking. When we Google something, we usually get several result pages (SERPs) with thousands of hits. The goal of a company that works with SEO is to appear on the first page, preferably on the top.

The first place in Google has 10X the chance of being clicked on as the 10th place. A higher location will bring more traffic and more customers into your store.

Organic traffic is free - Last but not least, traffic from organic results in the search engine is technically free traffic that doesn’t depend on the marketing budgets for advertisement. The work you put into improving your rankings in the search engines will therefore be able to give a long-term increase in traffic to your website - even after you have finished the work.


We want you to be visible in search engines - this is how we do it:

Technical analysis - We always start the collaboration by carrying out what we call an SEO audit or "hygiene check". This analysis reveals important points of improvement in the technical aspects of the website. Is the page readable by search engines? Is it perceived as sufficiently fast enough?

Furthermore, we carry out keyword analyzes to reveal which keywords your customers actually use. If you use the wrong words on the website, you risk losing valuable traffic and potential customers because you’re not visible for the phrases people actually use.

With this as the foundation, we formulate a strategic action plan - with the aim of initiating activities that make you rank high, gain increased visibility and obtain more relevant traffic.

On-site optimization - This means that we work operationally on the website to perform better in organic searches. We start from the action plan and look at things such as page architecture, optimization of content, internal linking, title and meta descriptions, structured data, etc.

Off-site optimization - As the name suggests, these are measures that are taken outside your own website to improve the search engines' impression of the site. Here we look at factors such as building external links, guest blogging and social media. This step is also largely about how to create authority.

Your project:

A marketing agency can help you uncover what specific improvement potential your site has. Furthermore, you can put together an action plan for optimization and work on implementing these. SEO projects can be big or small - here are some projects we can help you with:

  • Take care of organic traffic when migrating from one system to another - or to a new domain.
  • Thorough analysis and insight into how you should work to increase organic traffic.
  • We can be a long-term partner to work continuously on increasing organic visibility.

Your OMA

With an OMA agreement, you can get the operative SEO help you need in a busy everyday life.

OMA stands for operational marketing assistant and is present at your office 1-3 days a week. With an OMA you can get assistance in both SEO and other marketing activities. Within SEO, they can typically contribute with hygiene checks and analyses, optimization of product pages and content - as well as coming up with measures and ideas.

Your OMA always has INEVO's expert-driven environment to back them up. They can always turn to our specialists for tips and advice!

If you have a more complicated project, we can put you in direct contact with our specialists.

Are you ready to be taken seriously in the digital era?

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