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Content marketing agency, Oslo

Hire INEVO - a local content marketing agency based in Oslo that understands your business and has a proven track record for generating real business results with content.

Content marketing drives business growth.

Research from Content Marketing Institute found that:

  • 51% of marketers use content to increase sales
  • 77% of marketers use content to generate demand/ leads
  • 68% of marketers use content to build loyalty with existing customers

Done correctly, content can educate, build trust and convert readers into customers.

But it’s not as easy as just creating content and waiting for new customers to sign up.

Instead, you end up with:

  • Too much focus on publishing content without a clear strategy
  • Making SEO the only distribution channel (and not repurposing content)
  • Too much “about me” content or top of funnel content that doesn’t convert
  • Creating content that’s too fluffy and doesn't provide value to the reader
  • Not measuring the business impact of content on sign ups, leads and revenue

This is why content marketing fails.

You need to hire a content marketing agency that has a proven track record.

An agency that has experience with content marketing and has helped clients:

  • Earn millions of visitors to their content
  • Generate more than $10 million in new customer revenue
  • Rank on page 1 of Google for thousands of relevant keywords

That’s what we do.

If you’re looking to hire a content marketing agency in Oslo - Hire INEVO.

INEVO is the only Norwegian agency that has been nominated for Best Content Marketing Strategy and Best SEO Agency in Europe at the 2023 European Search Awards.

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Founded in 2013, INEVO has helped hundreds of companies grow their business.

The content team has helped companies like SuperOffice, Digizuite and LeadSquared achieve their business goals by making content the foundation for their digital marketing strategy.

We have more than a decade of content marketing experience in helping Nordic companies use content to communicate with customers and attract potential customers to their website.

Meet the content team

  • Steven Macdonald (Head of Content): 10 years experience in helping Nordic brands generate new revenue with content marketing.
  • Ellen Berg (Content Strategist and Copywriting Lead): 2 years of experience leveraging content marketing strategies to boost online presence.
  • Jennifer Lund (Content Strategist): Worked with international brands on positioning, communication and website copy since 2007.

Whether it’s content strategy, content creation, SEO content or website copy, our content team can support you (a full list of content marketing services can be found here).

Success stories

We work best with B2B SaaS companies that are based in the Nordics and are looking to grow globally, using English as their base language.

That’s exactly why we work with SuperOffice and Digizuite.

For Digizuite:

  • Increased monthly organic search traffic by 35%
  • Grew the Digizuite blog from 22,000 visits to 100,000 visits
  • Tripled the number of organic search demo sign ups on the website

(You can read the full case study here).

For SuperOffice:

  • Helped them land a #6 ranking for the keyword CRM
  • Increase page 1 rankings from 4,500 keywords to 6,500 keywords
  • Generated an additional 15,000 visits to existing content in Q4 2022

(You can read the full case study here).

And although LeadSquared is not based in the Nordics, they had the same challenges that many B2B SaaS companies face - traffic was stagnating.

During our collaboration, we helped them generate 3X more organic visits in 90 days.

(You can read the full case study here).

In addition to helping Nordic companies with content marketing, the team has been nominated for a Global Search Award for Best Use of Content Marketing and two European Search Awards - Best Content Marketing Strategy and Best SEO Agency in Europe.

Content marketing process

Unlike most content marketing agencies, we do not start the process with keywords.

Most content marketing agencies

  1. Conduct keyword research
  2. Create new content
  3. Increase traffic, but conversion rates don’t improve

What INEVO does different

  1. Audience research
  2. Improve website communication
  3. Create new content that solves pain points
  4. Acquire qualified traffic that has a high conversion rate.

When we create content for you, we design it to convert and acquire new customers.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the process:

  1. Audience research. We’ll deep dive into key challenges and pain points from buyers and customers by speaking with customers, reviewing customer service tickets and attending onboarding sessions. We’ll then take those insights and through in-person and online training, learn exactly how the product solves them.
  2. Website copy and conversion. We’ll apply the insights from audience research to identify conversion opportunities on the website (product pages, landing pages, etc) to convert existing traffic.
  3. Create new content. We’ll combine audience research insights with keyword research to identify new content topics for the blog (and website) to scale new content and organic traffic.

A content strategy isn’t fixed. It’s agile.

Every 3 months, we will analyze which topics/ content performs best and then double down on those topics for the following quarter - helping us create relevant content on a consistent basis.

Ready to invest in content marketing?

There’s dozens of content marketing agencies in Oslo.

But very few have the same experience and expertise that we do.

We work best with B2B SaaS companies based in the Nordics that have high ambitions to grow globally - and are willing to invest 1 million NOK per year in content marketing.

If you have yet to invest in content marketing or you have invested but are not quite seeing the results you expected, contact us today.

In our meeting, we will:

  • Give feedback on your current strategy
  • Discuss how we can collaborate and how to engage
  • Go through our content marketing process in more detail
  • Outline exactly how we work and what you can expect from us

Book a 1-on-1 meeting with the content team

P.S. Want to meet in person? Let’s do it. We’re located in Oslo.

Ready to see results?

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